For the past year I had been suffering with shoulder/neck pain which in the evenings became unbearable.  After having self diagnosis myself online I came to the conclusion I had frozen shoulder which unfortunately is not something that can be fixed medically, it can take up to two years to subside and may not even go at all.  As a keen gym member it was affecting my ability to participate in my weekly classes. Zoe at Body Stress Release was recommended to me by my gym instructor, obviously at first I was a little sceptical as I believed I would just have to live with the pain, but after just 3 visits I was noticing an obvious difference the pain was becoming less and movement in my shoulder was more achievable, now after just 6 visits I have no/hardly any pain at all and I’m back to using the gym. Zoe was easy to talk too and she was very informative on how Body Stress Release could potential help me by working directly on my spine, she was always very welcoming in a calming environment.  

For anyone in a similar situation I would highly recommend Body Stress Release. Laura Miller (Chandlers Ford, Hampshire)

I have been seeing Zoe as I have suffered with migraines for over 20 years, sometimes as often as 5 days a week. I have tried various other therapies, which helped slightly, but now with 3 sessions of BSR they have stopped. I would say that it is without doubt the best money I have ever spent on holistic health and quite possibly the best money I have ever spent!!  Steve, Bournemouth.

A 31 year old general builder came for Body Stress Release having injured his back whilst lifting a heavy load  whilst in an awkward position five weeks previously. He was suffering from a lot of lower back pain and regular cramping to both calf muscles. He was also experiencing pain down his hamstrings and into his knees. It also transpired that five years previously he had been off work for three years due to a back injury (again sustained at work) that had left him unable to get around other than on his hands and knees. After four sessions of Body Stress Release he was completely pain free for the first time in many years. Because of the nature of his work he still attends for regular maintenance visits to ensure that any stress or tension that has built up is released before it causes a problem.

A 53 year old housewife came for Body Stress Release, complaining of a bad back. She had been hosing the garden when her back had gone into a spasm. She needed help to get up and into the house. The client came for BSR the next day. Walking very slowly and carefully and obviously in a lot of pain, she needed to use two sticks. Her posture was pulling to one side and she could not straighten up. 'Body stress' was 'released' in the lower back and neck areas. On raising the BSR hi-lo couch, she reported a definite improvement in the reduction of pain. At her second visit two days later, she was only using one stick, walking at a more normal pace and standing without having to lean on the stick. At the third visit, another two days later, the client arrived with no walking stick. She was standing upright and not leaning over to one side and she reported that the pain was only noticeable when standing or sitting in an awkward position. 

A 48 year old man was experiencing such intense calf pain that he was unable to walk. He was not aware of any pain in his lower back. A week of traction in hospital had not eased the problem. After the first session the lower back became very painful as feeling was restored to numbed nerves. The calf pain was unchanged. After the second session, the pain withdrew from the calves and was felt in the hips, thighs and the lower back. After a third release, the pain in the lower back began to lessen. The final session was three days after that. Within two weeks the client was pain-free and was able to return to work.

Recent Client Testimonials 

Probably the best money I have ever spent in my life!!

IT Manager, Bournemouth

“After three sessions I have certainly noticed an improvement in my back and in my general wellbeing. The best description I can give is a feeling – after the session, and lasting for days – of relaxed energy being released. I am very glad I chose to start, and would say to anyone who suffers from back discomfort or headaches that it’s well worth a try.” Male company director aged 42  

Friends and relatives have commented how well I look after my sessions with Zoe. I think it takes years off me. Not only do I sleep better and move more easily afterwards but I enjoy her calming, professional and skilled approach to healing. I have found her to be the ideal therapist, patient, cheerful and caring while approaching each situation with a consistently effective adjustment process. Kate, Romsey

“At first, I was extremely sceptical about BSR, but I can honestly say that it’s had an amazing effect both for body and mind. Since my work as a fitness instructor relies on my body being very active, I have BSR with Zoe weekly to keep me in peak performance!!"  Sassi, Southampton

After suffering with a terrible pain in my shoulder, causing weeks of sleepless nights and trying acupuncture and various trips to the chiropractor, I was told about BSR. I called Zoe and she made time so that she could see me the following day. After just the second visit (4 days later) I had virtually no pain. By the third visit, I had no pain at all  in my shoulder and 3 months on, still No pain. I highly recommend BSR to anyone with any muscular pain. Zoe has made a huge difference to how I treat everyday life and my sport. Pete, Andover

A 48 year old female had been experiencing pain in the neck, left shoulder and a weak left wrist, since been knocked over by a car three months earlier. She also regularly experienced back pain on the right side. Just two appointments of Body Stress Release improved the situation considerably, with the client reporting that there was no longer any pain in the shoulder, neck or lower back.

A 35 year old woman was amazed to find after regular BSR initially for lower back tension her periods became regular." For 20 years my periods seemed to be completely haphazard - I could go up to 10 months without menstruating, particularly if I was stressed at work. I rarely had more than 6 periods a year. Even after having a baby there was no change until I discovered BSR. After just 3 months of regular BSR I found to my utter astonishment that I have a ʺnormalʺ cycle of 5 weeks. 18 months later and I still haven't missed one despite moving house, changing jobs and numerous other daily stresses and strains!"